Writing a quantitative research question education

This question may allow the researcher to collect data but does not lend itself to collecting data that can be used to create a valid argument because the data is just factual information.

Types of quantitative research questions To summarize what we have already learned from our previous posts, there are three types of quantitative research questions.

For example, a researcher may want to consider the factors that are contributing to childhood obesity or the success rate of intervention programs. The goal is to see the strength of the relationship.

Purchased pirated music Groups reflect different categories of the independent variable you are measuring e. Therefore, how you ask your question will influence your subsequent data analysis.

They use a particular simplified formula: However, sometimes a descriptive research question is not simply interested in measuring the dependent variable in its entirety, but a particular component of the dependent variable. But remember, any new question s that arise should be undertaken separately from your first study.

Clearly, this descriptive research question is asking us to measure the number of calories American men and women consume per day.

Qualitative Research Question Examples

The examples illustrate the difference between the use of a single group e. Your research question guides your research and your choice of methodology, so you need to make sure you get this step right early. In the examples below, we have illustrated the name of the dependent variable and highlighted how it would be written out in the blue text.

This question demonstrates the correct amount of specificity and the results would provide the opportunity for an argument to be formed. Provide examples of research questions and research hypotheses. Planning, conducting, and evaluating quantitative. You are often drawing your conclusions by manipulating the independent variable and observing the effects on the dependent variable DV.

Daily calorific intake What percentage of American men and women exceed their daily calorific allowance?

Writing a Good Research Question

What is the difference in caloric intake of high school girls and boys? The following examples illustrate this, with the group s in green text and the dependent variable in blue text: Or is your research more exploratory and investigative in nature and will require that you collect data and analyze results before drawing any conclusions?

Quantitative Research Questions

How often do British university students use Facebook each week? If you look carefully you will notice there is no independent or dependent variable because we are not looking for any relationship.

How many calories are consumed per day by American men and women? How often do college-aged students use Twitter? In the examples below, we have illustrated the name of the dependent variable and highlighted how it would be written out in the blue text. The following video, Hypotheses vs.

What are the most important factors that influence the career choices of Australian university students? A research question helps us define what we hope to learn when we conduct our study. What special challenges are encountered by people who switch careers later in life due to not being able to perform their primary profession anymore because of age-related health issues?

The template is followed by an example. Some of these starting phrases are highlighted in blue text in the examples below:Research questions in the empirical process set the stage for an entire study.

For this reason, it is critically important that the research questions of any study are worded in a way that allows a researcher to answer the questions clearly and succinctly.

Formulating a quantitative research question can often be a difficult task. When composing a research question, a researcher needs to determine if they want to describe data, compare differences among groups, assess a relationship, or determine if a set of variables predict another variable.

The. QUANTITATIVE Research Questions are used if you have a QUANTITATIVE Purpose(s) plans for post-secondary education? Qualitative Research Questions Guidelines 1.

Developing Research Questions for Quantitative Studies

Ask only a few general questions [no Yes/No questions] to permit participants to share information with you Sub-Question Guidelines – Same as for the Central Question but are.

The type of quantitative research question that you use in your dissertation (i.e., descriptive, comparative and/or relationship-based) needs to be reflected in the way that you write out the research question; that is, the word choice and phrasing that you use when constructing a research question tells the reader whether it is a descriptive.

To learn more about the differences between qualitative and quantitative research, The process of crafting a good research question can begin with writing down a qualitative purpose statement regarding your research.

International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education. 22(4). Writing Good Quantitative Research Questions – This web resources describes the 3 main types of research questions and provides Planning My Research Question or Hypothesis resources contains a link to a PowerPoint presentation and a series of tutorials that contain examples and tips for writing research questions and hypotheses.

Writing a quantitative research question education
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