Stalin paranoia and the purges

Initially, it was believed that Joseph Stalin ordered his killing. Another example of why Stalin was paranoid was the Ryutin platform.

To What Extent Were the Purges Caused by Stalin’s Paranoia?

They helped develop a centrally-enforced 'cult of Stalin-worship', and a terrifying system of labor camps - the gulag.

Mental illness in Stalin has been hard to prove, but these diary excerpts that were kept hidden sincehelp back up the theories of those who believe Stalin did suffer from mental illness. This is a helpful source because it gives another explanation to contrast those which claim Stalin did have some type of mental disorder.

This document was handed out among party members in Moscow, and members such as Kamenev and Zinoviev were known to have read it. Service makes clear by the end of this chapter that Stalin meant to leave no one in doubt about the consequences of rebellious behavior.

From Tsarism to the Twenty-First Century. His most ferocious acts of terror - The Great Purges - took place between and Earlier in the year at elections for the Central Committee, Kirov supposedly received significantly fewer negative votes than Stalin did, thereby demoting Stalin from General Secretary to simply Secretary.

The Purges can be justified by the problems within the party as Stalin did have political opponents that opposed his absolute rule; because of this many of the old Bolsheviks were put on public trial and killed.

A series of public trials took place showing that resistance to industrialisation plans would not be tolerated no matter how skilful you were in your job.

These commanders consisted of Marshall Tukhachevsky and various leaders of the Red Army. He knew full well that his political career would be ruined if all the old Bolsheviks decided to go against party unity and overthrow him.

These fellow Bolsheviks used the purges to get themselves into new positions with better privileges.

Stalin, was his paranoia the main cause of the great purges?

This official document was approved and signed by the Soviet Politburo, including its leader, Joseph Stalin. The totalitarian viewpoint would be that Stalin used the purges to control the general population which I agree with, however the revisionist viewpoint would be that the centre used the purges to try and gain control of the chaos but it spiralled out of control and created a momentum of its own.

To What Extent was Stalin's Personal Paranoia the Main Reason for the Purges?

Paranoid at the idea that the army was secretly planning a military coup, Stalin is believed to have used a double agent who worked with both Stalin and Hitler to take advantage of the paranoia raging in the Soviet Union.

Special Tasks is the autobiography of Pavel Sudoplatov, a General in the Soviet intelligence services. Even though Kirov was proved to be more popular than Stalin and was secretly offered the position of General Secretary, he declined as he was still a devoted follower of Stalin.

Stalin saw the leaders of the Army as potential political threats. A Note On the Consequence of the Expansion of the Red Army On the Eve of World War II In this article, also by Reese, the author hypothesizes that the ineffectiveness of the Red Army in the opening stages of the second world war is a result of the rapid expansion of the Army in the years leading up to the war as opposed to the purge.

Stalin's Purges

Glad applied a series of tests to the behaviors of these tyrants. Even right up to his death Stalin was organising a purge for doctors. By looking at the purges in this way it is easy to see that if Stalin was using the purges for a selective genocide it was not due to his paranoia but his obsession with making Russia great.Was Stalin’s paranoia the driving force in the creation of the purges, or was Stalin merely pushed by his obsession with power?

Words Economic Problems There was a great deal of opposition to Stalin’s economic policies in the s, and it can be argued that this. One key reason other than Stalin’s personal paranoia for the Purges was to cleanse the party of careerists, yet dissidents and doubters were also at risk.

The purges have their origins in the situation in the communist party immediately after collectivisation. Feb 07,  · So as Stalin discovered this growing opposition in the population, so the amount of purges grew. He was paranoid about any sort of mass uprising and could justify purging the causes of unrest by saying they were anti-Bolshevik and anti-revolution, while perhaps just being anti-Stalin.

Just as Stalin's nature led to the Purges, growing from Bolshevism, Yezhov's nature led to the Yezhovschina growing from the Purges. Stalin did not initiate the Purges because of a desire to make economic scapegoats or unify the country in foreign policy opinion, but whilst the Purge occurred he seized these opportunities.

Joseph Stalin’s tenure as the Soviet Union’s head of State is remembered largely for his domestic policies like the First Five Year Plan, but also his paranoia fueled purges of the Soviet people and the Communist Party.

Studies of Stalin and Mental Illness “Personality and Foreign Policy: The Case of Stalin,” which appeared in the journal Political Psychology is an excellent source in understanding the theory that Stalin’s terrorizing behavior stemmed from paranoia.

The author, Raymond Birt, explains that paranoia often begins during childhood in a situation in which the child feels both dependent on and threatened by .

Stalin paranoia and the purges
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