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It will discuss the long-term goals of the research studies, i. What is the application of your research in society? She provided the following cautionary tale of a candidate for an assistant professor position within the Biology Department. The resulting chemical control of Cas9 transcriptional activity enables selective perturbation of the levels of any one or more proteostasis network components, and is key to success in our other projects.

Types of Research Statements[ edit ] Usually two types of research statements are formed for a research paper. For the second, try to be a bit more detailed, and also include how you plan to develop yourself as an independent scientist.

Think about how and why you got started with your research.

Research statement

Each vector has been carefully designed by combining specific genetic elements of known function. A key focus of work in my lab is to develop molecular genetic tools in algal while training graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in algal genetics and recombinant technologies, all of which will be essential expertise for producing algae-derived biofuels on a large scale.

Example of what not to do A professor of biology from a liberal arts school came to Penn to offer advice about applying for academic jobs and campus interviews. You need an introduction, a main paragraph, future research and conclusion.

Chlamydomonas reinhardtii chloroplasts as protein factories. Graphical models, recommender system, social data processing, time-series analysis and stochastic networks. Among these, only C.

Parallel computing, algorithms, data structures, programming frameworks, concurrency, performance engineering, graph processing, text processing.

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We hope to test these molecules for their ability to neutralize anthrax toxin in animal models in the near future. However, if we are to realize biofuel production from algae in Research interest time frame that coincides with our national needs, we need to immediately begin the development of the molecular and genetic tools that will allow algae to become an economically viable biofuel source.

There are some differences in the requirements you may need. How can your research be applied? Protein targeting using pBR9 In many situations, it is desirable to target recombinant proteins to specific regions of the cell.

Database systems, query processing, data warehouses, federated databases, data visualization. Back to top Lisa Goldberg My primary interest is the development of a broad, widely applicable, statistically sound, quantitative framework for measuring and managing financial risk.

It should enable a student who has created several research studies on similar topics, to create a link between them. By coupling this resistance cassette to a gene of interest, one can know that a cell which survives in the presence of zeocin due to its high levels of Sh ble gene product will likely contain high levels of recombinant protein.A statement of research interests is a short report written by a scientist, engineer or other technician explaining his past research work, current interests and proposed area of study.

These statements are commonly requested in applications for employment as well as graduate school. The potential. Title of the project. Remarks.

Magnetoimpedance studies of electrodeposited Fe and Co based thin film alloys for low field sensor applications. P.I, Naval Research Board24 lakhs Investigation of particle size and inter-particle interaction effects on magnetotransport behavior in.

Chemistry and Biochemistry Graduate Program - Professors within the USU Chemistry Department are investigating a wide range of topics within the field. Read more about each and contact the professor that has similar interests. Research Interests. I have two main research interests: how people adjust to chronic illness; the implications of gender and gender role socialization for relationships and health.

Apr 20,  · Faculty and Their Research Interests in Cancer Biology Click on the faculty member’s name for a more in-depth description of their research and publications. Undergraduate and graduate (master and Ph.D.) students and post-doctoral researchers are involved in funded research from local and national agencies (see research interests).

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Information of my current research group are available here.

Research interest
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