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However, the taxes the lower income consumer must pay represents a more substantial portion of the paycheck. Criticism of Sin Taxes Imposing a sin tax does not come without criticism. The effects of alcohol and tobacco products increase health care costs driving up the cost of insurance for everyone.

Joseph Emilio Abaya, tax on low-priced cigarettes will increase by more than percent compared to premium brands whose tax will only increase by percent.

Constitution requires that all bills regarding taxation must originate in the House of Representatives. This evident in our markets today, often enough we would see ukay-ukay stalls for clothes, basic accessory and gadget stalls set up by a Muslim from smuggled goods of Malaysia and who could forget the cheap smuggled hardware products made in China by Chinese men.

This also applied to beers: This is lower than the original version, which was supposed to add some P60 billion for the universal health care program.

It is our nations poorest On sin tax bill sell them on streets and bus terminals. A Position Paper on House Bill Raineir Rhett ConchaLet us remember that there is no tax in the black market, meaning a greater loss to our governments tax revenues.

Philippine president signs

Tobacco farm photo by Agriculture Corner In a statement, PTGA president Saturnino Distor said the very high tax of as much as to percent on low-priced cigarette brands, which small manufacturers make, will price these products out of the market, leaving the farmers with no market to sell a significant volume of their annual production.

The new law is considered as the only reform on alcohol and tobacco products that favors both the government and the people. The continued sharing with tobacco farmers of the incremental revenues.

World Health Organization explained that the Philippines now stands as having the biggest number of smokers in Southeast Asia at DOH statistics reveal that 10 Filipinos die every hour because of smoking.

Some jurisdictions have also levied taxes on illegal drugs such as cocaine and marijuana. Different sides Previously, business groups and former health and finance officials called for the swift passing of the House Bill authored by Abaya that simplifies the excise tax system, which currently favors local brands, and indexes the taxes against annual inflation.

This time here is an article written by Christina M. Recto added that he hopes to come out with a committee report on the Senate version of the sin tax bill by September, so that a plenary vote to approve the measure can be called by October for the legislation to be submitted for signing into law by President Aquino before the year end.

If before low-priced cigarettes sell for P5 to P10, under the Abaya bill this will go up to P25 to P30 per pack? Restriction would only result to illegality and confusion. Thy sin tax bill increase taxes on alcoholic beverages, other sugary carbonated beverages, cigarettes, and timeshare unit owners.

Foster care and adoption programs The U. How can we recoup our production and operational costs in planting tobacco if we can not sell all our produce?

Regardless of increased prices, people will find ways to appease their desire to smoke and drink. It may also be considered as a regressive tax as it over burdens the poor who depend on cigarettes and alcohol for income.

Raising the sin tax is also expected to reduce by 20 percent the number of yearly deaths due to smoking-related diseases. The retailers, consisting a huge part of the demographic, will be at the losing end should this bill be enforce.

Cesar Purisima and the affected stakeholders will be invited in the public hearing. When there is an influx of demand of cheap products it will always result in an illegal supply, especially when the products of neighboring countries are much cheaper. Also, compulsive gambling compromises the security and well-being of stable home life, children, and families of the gambler.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. In effect, the effective burden tax price has decreased in ranging from a 1 percent to 9 percent decrease in tax burden based on BIR 4th quarter survey.

Filipinos will always find way in procuring said goods by illegal means. Let us choose our destiny endowed by us in our constitution, for this is our happiness. Because of its higher price, consumers are discouraged to buy these sin products, cigarettes and liquors, which could lead to a decrease in number of smoking-related diseases while significantly generating revenue to Universal Health Care or the Kalusugan Pangkalahatan.

The desire and demand for it will not go down by mere price increase. To prevent excise tax from being eroded by inflation, it will be increased by 4 percent every year effective for distilled spirits and for cigarettes and beer.

Sin tax bill: According to the eye of the health secretary

It encompasses the troublesome and longevity of the trend of early age youth alcoholic drinking and smoking irresponsibly. Additional revenues to be brought about by the proposed sin tax reform are being viewed as one of the main sources for UHC national government financing.

Essay Sample A sin tax is a kind of sumptuary tax:A sin tax is an excise tax imposed on selective products such as liquor and cigarettes and activities such as gambling, which are considered by society as vices.

Such a levy discourages individuals from engaging in smoking and drinking alcohol, without making the use of cigarettes and liquor palmolive2day.com Sin tax collections in declined by roughly 20% to P billion from the year before, the biggest drop so far. “This is the worst fall yet in for our tobacco sin tax revenues.

It’s a tell-tale sign that the system is structurally palmolive2day.com://palmolive2day.com A sin tax is a tax imposed on goods that are considered, in general, to be harmful to society. The most common of these goods are alcohol and palmolive2day.com://palmolive2day.com  · Another way to examine if tax changes affect consumption is to look at individual states which have changed their sin tax rates over the years.

Washington According to the Tax Foundation, from toWashington’s excise tax on spirits went from $ to $ per palmolive2day.com://palmolive2day.com Voting in support of the sin tax measure were senators Kurt Vialet, Nereida Rivera-O’Reilly, Jean Forde, Myron Jackson, Novelle Francis, Neville James, Marvin Blyden, Brian Smith and Sammuel Sanes.

“Sin Tax” expands health coverage in the Philippines

Voting against the measure were senators Positive Nelson, Millin Young, Dwayne DeGraff, Alicia Hansen and Tregenza Roach. The study determined the effect of sin tax law in the consumption pattern of the respondents in liquor and cigarettes when taken as a whole and classified as to age, gender, civil status, and monthly family income.

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On sin tax bill
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