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Your example could as easily be written "by adding three and five, one obtains eight". Glad you found the page useful. My next move will be to regularize the presentation of the page and add simple descriptions to each term. I think that Iff should be edited to reflect these two uses; right now it blends them.

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If someone tells me a function is frequently zero I take them to mean, based on formality of the context, either: A square is a rectangle. If I may generalize, it looks like "as desired" means "this expression is exactly the logical statement claimed in the theorem".

To be absolutely clear, a square is a more specific classification of a rectangle just as a rectangle is a more specific classification of a parallelogram, and a parallelogram is a specific classification of a quadrilateral. I'm not trying to make a judgement about what a proof is with my title; I'm just separating terms which are prescriptive from those which are descriptive.

I think this entry should be for terms that are only used by mathematicians, or that are used by mathematicians in ways radically different than by normal human beings - er, I mean, than by the rest of us.

Or are you saying that we should just put all the proof-related jargon into a single subsection? It makes it harder to come in looking for a specific phrase and learn everything about it in one place; on the other hand, my opinion is that people will come here having seen a phrase in a particular context and go straight to the correct place.

As for pronunciation, I, too, have only heard iff pronounced as if and only if is.

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I don't know the term but others might. Find out how to develop Maths vocabulary for lower ability pupils in our blog: Writing "Non proof techniques" is ugly, "Non-proof techniques" is just wrong since it suggests that they are techniques to do this imaginary "non-proof" thing, and omitting the term "technique" fails to make the connection with the previous section, which I think is important.

A coordinated approach to the use of language is essential in improving the quality of teaching and learning in Maths. So I was going to add obtain to this list. A square rectangle is all those things with a couple of extra bits: However, I don't much hear people talking about real functions these days, either.

So I was going to add obtain to this list. I think this entry should be for terms that are only used by mathematicians, or that are used by mathematicians in ways radically different than by normal human beings - er, I mean, than by the rest of us.

As an example, one could say that "The function sin x is frequently zero", where "frequently" means "for arbitrarily large x".

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Pupils will soon become confused as they move up through the school with one teacher being language vigilant and another being language loose. This one, "as desired", is like the little box - it's kind of there to say, "I'm finished. My vote is leave it as it is.

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If the former, then someone should remove we from this list, and also edit We mathematics to be about academic fields in general, not just math s.

We might want to call "Informalities" something like "Descriptive informalities" to distinguish it from informalities of argument, in this case. A potentially rich Maths problem can quickly become muddled, confused and inaccurate.

It's terminology that is used specifically within one field and would probably not be understood by those outside that field. A rectangle can be tall and thin, short and fat or all the sides can have the same length.

Why not do that? Getting a simplified expression from a complicated one: What it is really comparable to is the use of the indefinite pronoun "one", which is, indeed, a sort of generic third person.

However, your usage a is the same as mine on the real line, except for "not everywhere", which is sort of a vacuous implication case; your second is perhaps new, though I've never heard the term used so loosely.

A few years ago I became all evangelical about the way pupils were taught mathematical shapes because I observed too many teachers passing on faulty Maths to their classes which often went unchallenged.

Iff[ edit ] Should "iff" be on this list? Pedantry is endless, and even if one can write a whole paragraph on the term, a single sentence might suffice.Division is .

splitting into equal parts or groups.

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It is the result of "fair sharing". Division has its own special words to remember. Let's take the simple question of 22 divided by answer is 4, with 2 left over. Here we see the important words. Interactive, animated maths dictionary for kids with over common math terms explained in simple language.

Math glossary with math definitions, examples, math. Glossary of informal mathematical terminology just off the top of my head. The important thing is that it needs to start with some phrase that makes clear that the article is a collection of terms and their explanations, not a discussion of such terminology at a general level.

The Language of Mathematics: Mathematical Terminology Simplified for Classroom Use. relevant real objects, mathematical apparatus, pictures, stories, and diagrams. At this prepared in the correct use of mathematical terminology (Teacher Survey Appendix I).

The Story of Mathematics - Glossary of Mathematical Terms. decimal number: a real number which expresses fractions on the base 10 standard numbering system using place value, e.g. 37 ⁄ = deductive reasoning or logic: a type of reasoning where the truth of a conclusion necessarily follows from, or is a logical consequence of, the truth of the premises (as opposed to inductive reasoning).

Mathwords: Terms and Formulas from Beginning Algebra to Calculus.

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An interactive math dictionary with enoughmath words, math terms, math formulas, pictures, diagrams, tables, and examples to .

Mathematical terminology with pictures
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