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Stuff happens in the book and then George kills Lennie cause he was sooo stupid. As George has showed us, the human trait of loyalty can become very weak if put through the test of time, so avoid trying to test it so that you may not end up as Lennie did, being treated no better than an old man's dog.

Our five senses; sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell, are automatically preformed in our brains. Later in the story George once again puts his new found friends in front of the obligation to take care of his best friend in the entire world.

While they camp there, George gives Lennie strict instructions for the next day when they report to work on a ranch: That dream is of having "a little house and a couple of acres an' a cow and some pigs an' live off the fatta the lan'" 14where Lennie can take care of the rabbits just as George has been taking care of him over the years.

Even though Candy loves his dog more than anything else in the world he chooses to let someone shoot his dog in the back of the head. It shows how people can turn on their family, best friend, and even their life-long companions if they are presented with the opportunity for advancement in life.

George the easy-going caretaker of lennie looks at loneliness a different way. If you was to take him out and shoot him right in the back of the head In this world, there are only a few instances of loyal personalities, who are well-known. After all that they had been through and all the years of loyal service that his supposed best friend had performed for Candy, when pressured into a decision, he chose to defy his loyal companion and make the decision on when he should die.

368 Words Essay on Loyalty

Without one another the two characters would have absolutely no chance at success, for what one is lacking the other has an ample amount of. He had been lacking this for years and wanted to obtain it desperately, even if it meant betraying his oldest friend.

George is preoccupied with his other life, the one spent away from Lennie and his responsibilities. The characters in the novel basically have three options in which they can live their lives.

George angrily throws it away, fearing that Lennie may trap a disease from the dead animal. This is Lennie's chance to pay George back for all of the kindness that he has had bestowed upon him out of his true love and loyalty towards George.

Of Mice and Men is one of the most powerful and symbolic books of its era.

Of Mice And Men: Friendship And Loyalty

The last theme is also very important; it is the question of fate. The way that Candy sees it is that he is not hurting anyone and that there is no reason to have to end his life prematurely.

Seeing how they were and how they shared life was really intresting.Loyalty and Sacrifice in John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men Essay - John Steinbeck was born inin California's Salinas Valley, a region that would eventually serve as the setting for Of Mice and Men, as well as many of his other works.

John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men is a novella about fraternity, loyalty, and friendship. Readers can identify numerous relationships which illustrate both good friendships (as between Lennie and.

Loyalty and Protection in Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men Essay - Loyalty and Protection in Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men I feel that loyalty and protection play a big part throughout the whole of this story, from the start right up to the very end. Loyalty/Devotion.

Of Mice And Men: Friendship And Loyalty

Loyalty and devotion both play a very big role in Of Mice and Men. You see loyalty with Candy and his dog, but you see more with George and Lennie.

George is very loyal and devoted to Lennie. Candy was incredibly attached to his dog that he had ever since it was a little puppy. He sadly had to let him go. Of Mice And Men Friendship And Loyalty. Throughout life, one establishes friendships to better ensure their future. The novel Of Mice And Men, written by John Steinbeck, is about a group of traveling labor workers and the hardships that they overcome.

Of Mice And Men And The Weak Human Trait Of Loyalty

The friendship between George, one of the main characters, and Lenny, a retarded man and of Candy, a crippled man, and his old dog, although. Get an answer for 'In what ways is George loyal to Lennie?I have to find 3 examples where George is loyal to Lennie. I have one: whenever they come across trouble, George still stays will with him.

Loyalty essay mice men
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