Licensing vs franchising business plan

They are purchasing big-ticket, branded items—often on their credit cards. Customer service franchises Auto, education, and real estate franchises soon followed business services franchises. After releasing the interim measures on franchising, the PRC government issued the Administrative Measures on Commercial Franchising.

In franchising, complete training and support are provided by the franchisor to franchisee which is absent in licensing. We recommend that U.

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He has been a master franchisee in five countries, including for AlphaGraphics in China in the early s. In a franchising agreement, the franchisor also offers know-how and access to a business system in addition to branding and products offered by the franchisor Our clients often approach us with licensing in mind and we offer the following comparison between franchising and licensing: Contractual understanding - Learn what a contract is and what you should look out for before signing one.

The advantages of a licensing arrangement include: From a franchise perspective, food is estimated to continue to top the list of spending accounting for more than 15 percent inat about USD 44 billion, while clothing and footwear spending reached USD Expanding population and a substantial spending power dovetail for a positive impact on the Saudi retail sector, which is expected to grow to USD billion in Regardless of which state you are in, we make franchising your business Quick, Easy and Affordable!

Some companies are misleading and identify their president using fake names, middle names or will even hide behind layers of partnerships to keep you from knowing who is really running the company.

Successful US franchises bring a complete business system, management processes, job training, and the potential for healthy and reproducible bottom line margins.

The franchisor owner of the business that provides the product or service gives the franchisee independent party training, support, and marketing programs. Leonard can help you understand the difference between franchise laws in California and the laws that apply to licensing agreements.

Weak intellectual property enforcement and an inadequate legal framework are key reasons early foreign brands opened as company-owned stores or JVs, instead of franchises, in China. The greatest advantage of licensing model is that the licensee bears the developmental cost and the risk associated with launching foreign operations.

Leading Sub-Sectors Retail Saudi Arabia is the largest retail market in the Arabian Gulf with a huge domestic market, and the franchising sector will continue to draw more international companies and pave the way for more Saudi entrepreneurs to create local concepts, especially in the food sector.

Often times we hear, "I want to franchise my business, but I don't know how to franchise; how do I start the process to franchise my business; what does it cost to franchise my business. Franchising Plus encourages business format franchising where applicable, as it provides most benefits to a franchisee and franchisor by ensuring the replication of a business system, rather than a brand or a product only.

Lower Cost Unlike employees, franchisees make an initial payment in return for becoming a part of your business and then they continue to pay you a percentage of their revenue, throughout the duration of their Franchise Agreement. Like any business decision, franchising must be considered carefully and the right processes should be followed.

To help find appropriate licensees, companies can check with various organizations, such as US Commercial Service offices in China, legal firms with US ties, consulting firms, or American Chamber of Commerce offices.

We believe that a better use of your resources is to invest in initiatives that will further enhance, brand and market your franchise system. Better Market Penetration Franchisees are normally well established as part of the local community, either on a personal level or as a result of their past business activities.

The bottom line Many signs indicate that franchising will become easier in China over the next few years. Besides the money you generate as a franchisor, there are many other benefits to franchising so call us and we will be happy to share them with you!

Catching on the trend, many local Saudi franchise developers have managed to promote Saudi concepts with some of them having gone international. If this is something you aspire to do with the business you have created, then franchising may be an option for you.

Local managers lack strong management skills. Operating your own franchise model before selling a franchise to someone else can help prove your concept, establish demand and create sound processes and systems that can be repeated in each new franchise. As franchise developers, we have the experience, resources and infrastructure to guide you through the franchise process, every step of the way adding value to your business.

The following trade events in Saudi Arabia offer excellent opportunities for U. Intellectual property protection is uneven.

Want to Franchise a Business? 5 Sacred Rules to Become the Next Great Franchise

Franchising opportunities exist in many business categories, including apparel, laundry and dry-cleaning services, automotive parts and servicing, restaurants, mail and package services, printing, and convenience stores. This is a very effective method of expanding a business overseas without any need to create subsidiary companies or branches in your chosen countries.

Franchising, a business development method for expanding a company and distributing goods and services using an established business system and a recognized brand name, has advantages and disadvantages. When you become a franchisor you are responsible for teaching franchisees all your methods, processes, procedures, techniques and best practices so they can be just as successful at operating your business in their market.

This will in turn generate increased sales volumes and stronger purchasing power, via which the organisation can command greater discounts from its suppliers.

Key Differences Between Licensing and Franchising The difference between licensing and franchising can be drawn clearly on the following grounds: Using a system called Master Franchisingyou can quickly and simply replicate the whole of the your UK franchise model in another country, leaving the Master Franchisee to adapt the model to the local market — its language, business customs and legal requirements.The Franchise Maker® takes business owners like you through an affordable step-by-step process to franchise your business, which enables you to sell franchises throughout the United States.

You've worked hard at growing your business and you're passionate about what your business model has to.

For these reasons, the franchise system can provide a very cost-effective route for business development, but only provided that the original business is successful and that the franchisor is willing to invest sufficient time and money into creating an attractive franchise opportunity.

For a company looking to expand or a budding entrepreneur planning a start-up, taking on a franchise or negotiating a licence on an existing product or service are currently two of the most popular ways of building a business quickly and efficiently. Franchising is similar to licensing except that the franchising organisation tends to be more directly involved in the development and control of the marketing programme.

The franchising system can be defined as a system in which semi-independent business owners. Start a business with LegalZoom.

Choose a business structure and form an LLC, 1+ Million LLC Created · Business Name Check · Attorney Maintained DocsTypes: Limited Liability Company, Corporation, Non-Profit, Doing Business As (DBA). Alternatives to Franchising.

Aside from the prototypical business format franchising, represented by brands such as Subway, Supercuts, and Hampton Hotels, small business owners have three other ways to expand their marketing distribution channels.

Licensing vs franchising business plan
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