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Norman Rocheleau Norman is a Frenchtown boy that Francis meets during the war. Whilst at school he met Nicole Renard and instantly fell in love with her, and continues to be so until at the end of the book.

Therefore, Francis sees their relationship entirely broken and heartbroken himself, decided to enlist for the army in World War II. She had moved from Albany, New York, and Francis described her as "the most beautiful girl" he had ever seen despite the fact that he is around twelve years old at the time.

Despite the fact that Nicole specifically asks him to stay, Francis leaves, as he trusts LaSalle and has been manipulated into doing whatever Larry LaSalle tells him to.

Uncertain about what lies ahead, Francis collects his thoughts and boards the next train out of Albany. He is shown to bring out the best in people and uses his talents to teach others to dance and play sports.

However he leaves that job to Larry who kills himself anyway. She kisses Francis one last time, suggests that he writes about his army experiences and requests that he does whatever will make him happy.

He also doesn't acknowledge that he is a hero Heroes cormier says that he was just there. The Strangler The Strangle is the grizzled old bartender at the St. He was a troublesome figure at school as he used to be talkative.

The majority of my class had expected it to be some, kind of action packed novel that was equal parts thrilling and equal parts intense. In the end, when he meets Larry, LaSalle is surprised that Francis is distraught about what happened to her, as he was previously unaware that Francis had knowledge of the events between LaSalle and Nicole.

Enrico Rucelli A triple amputee, Enrico befriends Francis at a hospital during the war. Louis Arabelle Louis is one of the children who frequented the Wreck Center. Underage at fifteen or sixteen his age is never specified in the novel but if he is based on Cormier as he seems to be, he was born inand if he joined the army inthat would make him sixteenhe forges his birth certificate and goes to fight in France.

Francis's nostrils are often spoken of as the physical disfigurement which plagues him the most, as they often run and have caused him to wear a bandage over them, secured with a pin at the back of his head which makes it difficult for him to clean.

He introduces Francis to the sport of table tennis and teaches him how to play. He considers taking Nicole's advice and writing about his journey, or finding his former surgeon and acquiring plastic surgery to reshape his wounded and scarred face.

He is shown to bring out the best in people and uses his talents to teach others to dance and play sports. Joey and Francis were childhood friends and went to the cinema together.Cormier shows the reader that "heroes" is a more complex concept than the old Westerns Francis, the story's protagonist.

used to watch in the cinema as a teenager, accompanied by the girl he loved. I like that Cormier keeps the resolutions to the story lines realistic/5(41). Francis is a World War II hero - or so everyone believes. Only Francis knows that the act of "heroism" that destroyed his face was a suicide attempt.

Aug 10,  · Heroes by Robert Cormier is a very energetic book. This is the first book that I have read By the author. In my opinion it is a great reading suggestion to younger readers/5(). of 50 results for "Heroes Robert Cormier" Showing selected results.

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FREE Shipping on eligible orders. More Buying Choices. $ ( used & new offers) Kindle Edition. Heroes - Robert Cormier Key Themes Heroism-Continued when Arthur Rivier is found drunk in an alley he scoffs at the idea of heroes and says "we weren't heroes.

Robert Cormier’s other novels include The Bumblebee Flies Anyway, ; Beyond the Chocolate War, ; Fade, ; Other Bells for Us to Ring, ; We All Fall Down, ; Tunes for Bears to Dance To, ; In the Middle of the Night, ; Tenderness, /5(19).

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