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They walked out of the Great Hall talking loudly with their heads held high. I know I always do when one of my brothers tick me off.

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An hour after the match started, Mary was still circling the pitch. They couldn't see her either. She thought in fear. Known Gryffindors, past and present For each known Gryffindors girl below, his or her name is given together with the years he or she was a student in Gryffindor.

Home Things Gryffindor House Gryffindor House is one of Gryffindors girl four houses at Hogwart into which the students are Sorted when they start their first year. Mary ran her hand across the cold marble tombstone, knowing that while she had been given the chance to remake the future, there would never be a way to get her parents back.

You should probably ask him that. She buried her face into his robes as the world turned inside out, turning and twisting in a way that made her stomach roll.

He consumes a couple of extra slices of toast with slow relish, watching as Draco whispers to Pansy and laughs. And sad as it was, it took her a few moments to be able to calm her breathing enough to draw in a lungful of air.

Opening his eyes would probably help. Is my imagination just running wild?

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Mary tucked herself around her broom and braced herself just before she hit the ground. Finally she opened her eyes and gasped, taking in short stuttering breaths to try and alleviate the pain in her heart and lungs.

Accidental magic could a beautiful thing, Mary realized, when her broom floated down the stairs to hover in front of her.

Gryffindor House

Mary sat with the rest of her teammates while they picked at their breakfast looking grim and slightly green. Gryffindor Tower, entrance on the seventh floor The entrance to the Gryffindor common room which, in turn, lead to the Gryffindor dormitories is located behind a large painting of a Fat Lady in a pink silk dress.

His brothers slapped his back and ruffled his hair as he tried and failed to get away from them in time. Phoenix tears should have just healed it. The red eyed being stared at Harry with a mocking sneer on his lips, but she could see the indecision and wariness in the being's eyes.

So what could it be?

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Might even get a couple wand holsters. Tears ran down her face as she struggled with the reality that there was absolutely nothing she could do. She would protect them with her own life if she had to. You never came up in that very short conversation.

Harry folds his arms on the table and shakes his head. You know how to do this, Ron. Trying to follow the path of the wind was pointless as it changed every few seconds, almost unseating her more than once. Mary searched the area once more and found no other signs of life while the other boy kept talking.

Or Ginny, for that matter, he thinks as she wanders into the Hall, prods Dean into an upright position and perches casually on his lap.Find great deals on eBay for girl gryffindor costume.


Shop with confidence. Hi! Welcome to my profile! My name is Ceri, and I am the irl big sister of αму!I'm also a massive Potterhead and Gryffindor, and love making graphics (although I'm not very good at it!), but my biggest passion is writing!

Translation into Deutsch available: Code knacken für Gryffindors (Übersetzung) by linzi, Saras_Girl It won’t surprise anyone to know that this was the result of another of my daft dreams. I wonder if my subconscious was sick of reading Harry-gets-a-snake-tattoo fics and supplied this instead.

This category contains people who were sorted into Gryffindor House at Hogwarts, which was founded by Godric Gryffindor. Gryffindor's Head of House is Minerva McGonagall, and its House ghost is Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington. May 12,  · Enjoy This is a Harry Potter Gryffindor Girl!Just an edit and ENJOY plz leave a big fat like =P.

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