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Another definition to dowry is the property a woman brings to the nuptial partnership. An essay on raksha bandhan An essay on raksha bandhan berichterstatter dissertation defense mitti ki mahima essay features of reflective writing essays essay on chinua achebe things fall apart being a university student essay.

Even the educated parents expect their daughter-in-law to bring money and gifts from her Essays on dowry system in english. Hence through various means and ways such as exams, essay writing competitions, speech competitions, group discussions, debates students are made aware and educated about these problems.

Therefore this system should be either eradicated or reformed. The Hindu marriage system is sacramental. Penalty for the party, whether they demand dowry directly or indirectly, is imprisonment of 6 to 24 months with the fine of not less than Rs. In due time dowry has become an integral part of the sacred institute of marriage and is generally accepted by the society as necessary rather than an evil custom because of which dowry has become widespread.

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It is the worst aspect of this system. It is used as an excuse for denial of inheritance to women. To eliminate the dowry system people have to take massive steps against this system: They certainly love their daughter. To stop the offences of cruelty by husband or his relatives on the wife, Section A was added in the Indian Penal Code and Section A in the Criminal Procedure Code in the year Whatever they earn, they spend on upholding the family standard in providing the supplies of family, educating children, and meeting various social obligations.

Essay on Dowry System

There have been people who have spoken up against this social menace. Given most Indian families still consider women to run household only, so a girl is seen as a burden for whom the parents would need to pay dowry before she leaves their house.

In our male-dominated society, women basically depend on male-domination. Women are pushed into a valley of emotional trauma.

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It is true that the system of dowry is as old as the institution of marriage itself. The formal definition of Dowry is the value of tangible goods and security items like gold and ornaments that a bride brings along with her post marriage.

When a boy is playing with machinery toys, a girl is playing with house-hold utensils-toy. It is really a great evil and a blot on our nation and society.

The boys are treated as the goods of the market. However the practice has decreased of use in most parts of the world by the 19th century in the post colonial periods but dowries are still much strongly prevalent today in most South Asian countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India.

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The Asian dowry system has always existed since the British Era but not in the format that is prevalent in the society today in the precolonial period the system was more women centric that is in the pre-colonial period, dowry was a tradition managed by women, for women, to allow them to establish their status and have alternative in an emergency.

Reports of these episodes have pulled in a lot of open intrigue and have started a worldwide lobbyist development trying to end the practice.

Today, refrigerators, air conditioners, automobiles and awhole range of gadgetry are an integral part of upper class and upper middle classdowries because these families use many of these conveniences in their daily lives.Benefits Of The Dowry System (Essay Sample) September 26, by admin Essay Samples, Free Essay Samples.

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Facebook 3 Twitter 0 Google+ 0 Viber WhatsApp. Dowry system can be referred to as giving of money or certain gifts to the bride or groom on behalf of the family in exchange for marriage. Dowry system varies in various societies. Dec 12,  · दहेजप्रथा - निबन्ध और प्रभावी भाषण दोनों सीखें। Essay on Dowry | Speech on Dowry - Duration: Sharp Career.

Essay on Dowry System Dowry means those gifts and presents which are given by a father or a guardian to his daughter at the time of her marriage. In ancient times, it was considered as a sort of help to the newlyweds to establish their own home.

Here is your essay on Dowry System in India Dowry is derived from the ancient Hindu customs of ‘kanyadan’ and ‘stridhan’.

In ‘kanyadan’, the father of the bride offers the father of the groom money or property, etc whereas for ‘stridhan’, the bride herself gets jewelry and clothes at. An essay on evils of dowry system in India.

Dowry system is as old as man is. The dowry system is a social evil. It is prevalent in all parts of India and almost in all the countries of the India many of the traditional customs have been given up, but the custom of dowry has not only continued, but flourished over the years.

Short Essay on Dowry System in India Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On February 26, By Ankita Mitra It is surprising that even in these days of the 21 th century, we are still drowned in the dark depth of these evils.

Essays on dowry system in english
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