Disney dumbest bussines moment

A smart option for the bottomless-pockets crowd. A Tribute to Heroes" fund-raiser for victims of the attacks.

Firstly, the mice take pity on Cenderella. Over time, Disney have had more than their fair share of "accidental adult content" — the word "sex" spelled out in dust in The Lion King's night skyor people mistaking first a priest's knee and then a turret of a castle for male genitalia in The Little Mermaid.

And it assumes none of this will ever come to light. They quickly aged their heroine into a young woman and added a love story that angered historians and Disney dumbest bussines moment critics alike.

The group never alerted regulators, Kane tells the New York Times, "because a number of plaintiffs' lawyers had been burned in similar instances. Twitter On board an airplane flight, Elan Gale, a producer of The Bachelor, live-tweets his spat with an angry, self-centered passenger named Diane.

But ours is, alas, an imperfect world, and Disney dumbest bussines moment we must live in one where Enron, Geraldo Rivera, and Cottonelle Fresh Rollwipes exist, the least we can do is catalog the absurdities. Not funny in real life.

10 Scariest Disney Moments

The October issue of the Association of Lloyd's Members newsletter announces that the terrorist attacks represent a "historic opportunity" for insurance underwriters to make money.

In retrospect, perhaps Skilling's pose on the cover should have provided a clue. A dozen Burger King marketing execs suffer first- and second-degree burns while walking over hot coals as part of a team-building retreat in October. They are unnerved by the manipulation of one of the signal events in the history of the American civil rights movement.

Fortune’s 101 Dumbest Moments In Business For 2007

Meanwhile, to conserve cash, WorldCom cuts off employees' coffee supplies and stops subsidizing their home long-distance bills. Early in the game, a one woman ran onfield and flashed her breasts, followed by a naked man running to second base after a home run.

They sing warnings and express concern about Dumbo for hallucinating, giving us a glimpse into the mind of a distressed young elephant. After an outcry, the commercials are pulled. In Brazil, Huggies test-markets TweetPeea diaper accessory that pushes out alerts over social networks when it detects that a baby has wet itself.

Company officials claim that the company has enough cash to last well into Executives in general pay more attention to the stock market than to their employees. A full-blown riot ensued, with Cleveland fans running onto the field armed with knives, chains, and loosened seats.

But not before people made and lost millions of dollars over it. Still Partying Like It'sPart 2: CNN 1, Fox News 0: That sounds like a fun and innocent movie but there are moments that are just unnecessarily unnerving. In late January -- well after the government has instructed Enron to stop shredding accounting documents -- Maureen Castaneda, a recently laid-off Enron employee, reveals that the shredding has continued.

Prospective car- and tire-buyers edge warily away from the squabbling duo: They haunt Earth for an entire night before rushing back to the underworld by dawn. The stock market is based on perception, not on facts. It still posted millions of dollars in profit each quarter after that.

Because engineers make the best artists. One of the injured, a VP for product marketing aptly named Dana Frydman, tries to put a positive spin on having her feet flame-broiled like so much ground chuck. In this case the managers were looking too much at the copyright and not at what would be the right thing to do.

Just to give you an idea of the general feel of the film, it was a major influence of Stephen King. Thoroughly embarrassed, EA fixed the bug the very next day, but were flabbergasted by a flood of complaints from customers who enjoyed seeing the shin-high blocker get steamrolled by full-size players.

Some of the letters supporting Microsoft are from people who have long since died. In June an appeals court overturns Jackson's decision to break up the company, citing his remarks as evidence of his "rampant disregard for the judiciary's ethical obligations.

Dumbo — Pink Elephant Visions Dumbo is a nice film apart from that one scene where he gets drunk and started hallucinating. If they're going to get us, it's going to be in a gunfight. Making matters even more awkward, the name Altria turns out to be already taken by Altria Healthcare, a firm based in Birmingham, Ala.

Chrysler No. 56 on 101 Dumbest Moments in Business list

A Tribute to Heroes" fund-raiser for victims of the attacks.Wouldn't say it was the dumbest but would say the most dangerous brain fog moment was when I forgot which foot to put down and which foot to take off pedals in my car when driving along.

Jan 05,  · yeah. i went thru all the greatest (dumbest) moments in Business. i think apple is kinda silly to not honor end user palmolive2day.com i owned apple, i wud send the girl another ipod. bb. Mar 12,  · Business has their list of Dumbest Moments In palmolive2day.com it doesn't say, they appear to mean within the last year or so.

Not surprisingly, many of the moments. Business has published its third annual listing of what it calls "the most ill-conceived, embarrassing, and downright appalling developments of the past year," aptly dubbed the Dumbest Moments in Business. Business. Dumbest Business Moments of by Rob May December 20,pm 27 Views +1.

Share. It's the end of the year, and you know what that means Fortune is back with the annual Dumbest Moments in Business list.

Check out the version. My vote for the worst business move of goes to #17 – naming a drink "Cocaine. Mar 23,  · Source: “Triarc to buy Failing Snapple Business from Quaker Oats for $M”, Oklahoma Journal Record, April 3, AND “The Dumbest Moments in Business History: Useless Products, Ruinous Deals, Clueless Bosses, and Other Signs .

Disney dumbest bussines moment
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