A comparison of clarissa dolloway and septimus warren smith

He was not alone. On the outside, she seems like a happy woman, leading a successful life.

Clarissa and Septimus in Mrs. Dalloway

More essays like this: He has seen the dark side of humanity, watched one of his close friends die, and cannot recover from the tragedies of that world, a world in which people like Clarissa and Richard are blissfully unaware. Student Answers poojain22 Student Clarrisa wins psychological time and linear time whereas Septimus lost both.

There is no love.

What are the similarities between Septimus and Clarissa in Mrs. Dalloway?

Dalloway has a veneered composure; she attempts to keep her most serious thoughts, dreams, and musings to herself; no one else would treasure or understand them. Dalloway swings between the dialectic of Clarissa and Septimus, who represent two halves- the living and the dying- of the same soul, as much as Woolf, self-reflexively, batters her mind for answers she cannot possibly find either in life or out of it.

The two characters — Clarissa and Septimus — never meet in the novel, yet they are linked to one another through various characters and because of the value they both give to that "leaf-encumbered forest, the soul. The relationship with her husband is cold and impersonal. The car is just a car — and even the Queen, if she be inside, is only a woman.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. They are both alternately very happy, then very worried and fearful. Clarissa has been weakened by an illness and she is frightened and furious about Miss Kilman's "possession" of Elizabeth.

Woolf herself, in one of her introductions to Mrs. Just as Miss Kilman, Elizabeth's controlling tutor, frightens Clarissa, Septimus feels that his doctors invade the privacy of his soul by demanding too much of him.

So, in appearance, this man acts as the complete opposite of Clarissa Dalloway, and so it is ironic that in reality, Septimus, a lunatic, and Clarissa, a cultured lady, are more similar than anyone else in the novel.

His problem with life was that he could not find his place in it anymore, especially after the war. These two characters share commonalities, but they also have many differences. He was a veteran of the World War I. Both value the possession and privacy of their souls more than anything else: Bradshaw wish to invade his most private depths.

However, it turns out that his experience in the war takes from him more than what it gives, if any. In particular, Septimus and Clarissa seem to be polar opposites of each other.

Mrs. Dalloway

Bently can each decide differently about London, Londoners, and life. Whereas Clarissa is rational, constantly seeking meaningful answers about life and identity, Septimus represents the irrationality of madness and death. Dalloway's morning walk and the journeys back and forth from her past to the present.

The smoke shapes do not mean anything to Septimus; they simply are. In fact, Septimus is equally affected by many of the same profound images that Clarissa experiences.While Mrs. Dalloway selects flowers for the party, we leave her for awhile and consider a new character: Septimus Warren Smith.

The change of focus is brief, but it is important because Clarissa is only one half of the design for Mrs. Dalloway. Septimus Warren Smith is the other side of the coin in this study of sanity and insanity.

Septimus went to war, he tried to defend his country, and he attempted to become a "man." He lost. Clarissa did not do battle; she withdrew and married a safe man who would not dare her to be more of a woman than she believed herself capable of being.

Septimus Warren Smith. Septimus, a veteran of World War I, suffers from shell shock and is lost within his own mind.

What are the similarities between Septimus and Clarissa in Mrs. Dalloway?

He feels guilty even as he despises himself for being made numb by the war. Septimus Warren Smith. BACK; NEXT ; Character Analysis. Septimus is a shell-shocked World War I soldier. He’s a unique figure in literature because he was one of the first characters to show the horrors of war and the trauma that occurs after combat.

A comparison of The Hours and Mrs. Dalloway. Septimus Warren Smith- the second main character in the novel, he is a World War I vet suffering from shell shock Mrs. Dalloway In the Hours, Clarissa Vaughn is very much like her counterpart Mrs.

Seeing Double: Similarities between Clarissa and Septimus

Dalloway. Vaughn has begun to question her life choices. Woolf tells us in the introduction to the eidtion of her book that Septimus is intended to be the double of Mrs. Dalloway. Indeed, she first thought that he might live while Clarissa would die.

A comparison of clarissa dolloway and septimus warren smith
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