A biography and life work of robert andrews millikan an american physicist

It was later edited and republished in Nobel Lectures. But although Hess had argued that some kind of radiation was coming from the heavens, most physicists still attributed the phenomenon to some terrestrial cause, such as electrical discharges from thunderstorms or radioactivity.

Its job was to measure the levels of ionizing radiation at different altitudes. The beauty of the oil-drop experiment is that as well as allowing quite accurate determination of the fundamental unit of charge, Millikan's apparatus also provided a 'hands on' demonstration that charge is actually quantized.

The results suggested that the charge on the droplets is a multiple of the elementary electric charge, but the experiment was not accurate enough to be convincing. Small cosmic-ray electroscope This small electroscope was sent aloft by a hydrogen-filled balloon by Millikan and Bowen from a Texas airfield in Kevles Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.

Robert A. Millikan

No 4, pp30—38 pdf. While it had been known for a long time that light falling on metal surfaces may eject electrons from them the photoelectric effectMillikan was the first to determine with great accuracy that the maximum kinetic energy of the ejected electrons obey the equation Einstein had proposed in The University of Chicago Press.

One of the important subjects he investigated was the ability of electric fields on the order of a few hundred thousand volts per centimeter to draw electrons out of cold metals.

He entered the preparatory department of Oberlin College in He afterwards received his Ph. These droplets were allowed to fall, either under the influence of gravity alone or under the influence of gravity plus an electric field.

Robert Andrews Millikan

It did not take time before he was further promoted to a professor in Career Robert Andrews Millikan professional career took off in Most of his activities centered on the development of submarine detection and destruction devices: The whole apparatus weighed approximately seven ounces.

Always an internationalist, Millikan believed firmly in collective security. The date refers to balloon flights performed at different latitudes from Texas to Saskatoon. This is a post he held for about a decade until Cameron and I have computed with their aid the maximum energy evolved in radioactive change and found it to check well with observation, then this supposition of an energy evolution through the disintegration of the common elements is from the one point of view a childish Utopian dream, and from the other a foolish bugaboo.

It was during this period that he developed his interest in the subject in which he was later to excel. In Millikan began a series of experiments to determine the electric charge carried by a single electron. They also led to his detection of the positron in He found that all of the drops had charges that were simple multiples of a single number, the fundamental charge of the electron.

He was convinced that lectures should be largely replaced by laboratory and problem-oriented activities, and between and he authored or coauthored several very influential textbooks compatible with that philosophy.

He had suffered a heart attack leading to his death at the age of He died on the 19th of December,in San Marino, California. Millikan graduated from Oberlin in and continued to teach physics to the preparatory students while successfully pursuing a course of self-instruction in Silvanus P.

But Millikan was acutely aware that at the University of Chicago the major rewards went to those who contributed to the advancement of knowledge. He coined the term "cosmic rays," a name retained to this day. Under his guidance, Caltech grew from obscurity to a position of preeminence. To my reply that I did not know any physics at all, his answer was, "Anyone who can do well in my Greek can teach physics.

Millikan was the son of Silas Franklin Millikan, a Congregational preacher, and Mary Jane Andrews, a graduate of Oberlin who had been dean of women at a small college in Michigan.

Having noticed that this current was highest when the metal was fresh, he fashioned his targets into thick cylinders and rigged up an electromagnetically operated knife to shave off the ends of the blocks.

Millikan — Nobel Biography". Bywith Neher having now found a latitude effect, Millikan had admitted that some percentage of cosmic radiation must consist of charged particles.

In he retired from this post. They had also extended the observable spectrum down to Copyright The Gale Group, Inc. Convinced by his wartime experience that physics must be organized and funded for the benefit of the nation, Millikan soon became well-known to the public as a vigorous spokesman for science and education and a busy moneyraiser; he was also a promoter of the reconciliation of science with religion.

Compton would eventually be proven right by the observation that cosmic rays are deflected by the Earth's magnetic field and so must be charged particles.Robert Millikan Robert Andrews Millikan (March 22, December 19, ), Nobel Prize-winning physicist and one of America's best-known scientists in the early 20th Century, was a pioneering teacher and prolific textbook author, as well as a university administrator, science policy adviser, and fundraiser in support of scientific research.

Robert Andrews Millikan was an eminent American experimental physicist who won the Nobel Prize for Physics in for his work on photoelectric effect. Check out this biography to know about his childhood, life, achievements, works & palmolive2day.com Of Birth: Morrison.

The American physicist Robert Andrews Millikan () measured the charge of the electron, proved the validity of Albert Einstein's photoelectric effect equation, and carried out pioneering cosmicray experiments.

The second son of a Congregational minister of Scotch-Irish ancestry, R. A. Robert A. Millikan (22 March – 19 December ) was an American experimental physicist, and Nobel laureate in physics for his measurement of the charge on the electron and for his work on the photoelectric effect. He served as president of Caltech from to Robert Andrews Millikan Biography, Life, Interesting Facts.

Robert Andrews Millikan was born on March 22nd, in He was an American physicist who won a Nobel Prize in physics in This was an award that he gained for measuring the elementary charge and his photoelectric effect research. Early Life & Education. Robert Andrews Millikan.

ROBERT ANDREWS MILLIKAN March 22,December ig, igtf schooling, his experiences as a teacher and research* physicist, his building of Caltech, his work in two world wars, and last but not of American life and civilization that has appearedin my life-time." There are few who know the story of the rise of American.

A biography and life work of robert andrews millikan an american physicist
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